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Book author
Liam Jackson
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St. Martin's Publishing Group
Oct 07, 2014
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2736 kB

Some brief overview of book

Sam Connor has always had a unique relationship with his guardian angel. But his uncanny sense of perception has been in overdrive as of late, and for good reason--he's being followed by a man he knows is trying to kill him. And that's not all Sam senses.

Abductions and grisly attacks are blanketing America in what seems to be a calculated and epic crime wave. And while Sam can't explain it, he knows that somehow he's supposed to do something about it. Deeply rooted in both contemporary and nonconventional religious history and doctrine, Offspring's world is one like ours--but it's populated by guardian and fallen angels, malevolent demonic entities, and vile human thralls.

Only high school aged-Sam and the other Offspring of angels and men have the ability and power to close the veil through which mankind's vicious enemies are coming. But will they understand their inheritance in time? Sam's fate and the world's--and the gathering traction of the Fallen Angels--is in his hands.

And to make matters worse for Sam and his growing band of brothers, a pact now exists between the Fallen and their allies Destroy the Offspring. As Sam and three other Offspring are inexplicably drawn to a small Tennessee town, they find themselves hunted by these ancient, near-omnipotent, and lethal enemies. Jackson's heart-pounding debut supernatural thriller blows to its climactic conclusion when the Offspring must understand their unique inheritance and control their surprising strengths before it's too late.

About book author

Jackson is a highly decorated twenty-year veteran of the U. S. criminal justice system, having served as a narcotics officer, tactical operator, chief of police, and, most recently, in the field of WMD counter-measures and mitigation. He lives near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Offspring is his first novel.

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